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~Fancifelt Pet Portraits by Katelyn Mumford~

Creating realistic pet portraits out of locally sourced fiber has been my passion since 2013.

Made with wool fabric, fiber, and a handy little felting needle, a lot of love goes into the making of each portrait.

These are truly one-of-a-kind, and they can be made even more unique and personal by incorporating your pet's own fur into the artwork.

The ordering process is simple.  Send me a few pictures of your four-legged best friend(s), and we will discuss pricing, size, and personalization.  I never ask for payment until we are both completely satisfied with the work.  You should be able to look at your pet's portrait and see a reflection of the real animal.

Katelyn Mumford

[email protected]


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...Katelyn was wonderful to work with... she kept me informed throughout the entire process and was very open to my suggestions on how to make his portrait exactly what we were envisioning. The first time I saw his portrait, I burst into tears... she had captured him perfectly! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her! You will not be disappointed!!

Danille King, 2018 customer

Cats came out amazing and looked identical!!!

Amber G.

Double Portraits

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New! Mini Portraits 5x7"

About Ordering a Portrait

Standard Sizes

My standard sizes are:

Mini Portrait: 5x7"

Small: 8x8" or 8x10"

Medium: 10x12"

Large: 11x14"

Other sizes: Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

COMING SOON: Pricing PDF sheet

Background Fabrics

Cream Wool Felt Fabric


My standard go-to fabric is a soft, medium thickness wool felt fabric.  The wool roving I use to make the portraits adheres well to this wool.  My cream base is a richer, warmer color than a bright white because it is made of natural sheep's wool.  However, in a bright, well-lit room it can look white.

Inventory: In stock

Light Brown Felt

Medium thickness

This felt is a very soft medium thickness wool.  It makes a nice background for white or light-colored pets.

Inventory: In stock

New!  Light Blue Merino Prefelt


This felt, made of wool from Merino sheep, is extremely soft and light.  It is felted densely, yet it is thin and lightweight, making it perfect for framing.  This color is suitable for light or dark colored pets.

Inventory: In stock

Indigo Wool Fabric


This idigo dyed fabric has a slightly purple hue in some lighting.  With its unique cloudy dye pattern, it resembles a night sky.  The fabric is thin enough for standard frame depth.  A nice choice for very light colored pets.

Inventory: Limited stock; may not be available for all portrait sizes

Cranberry Red Wool Fabric


The same type of fabric as the Indigo wool, the Cranberry features an interesting dye pattern and is thin enough to mount in a store-bought frame.  Like the Indigo, this red has a purple tint to it.  A very pretty choice for white pets especially.

Inventory: Very limited stock; may not be available for all portrait sizes

Time Frame

The current time frame to order and have a pet portrait created for you is 4-6 weeks.  I can usually finish them in a shorter time depending on how many orders I currently have at the time your order is placed.

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