Needle-Felted Art, Custom Pet Portraits, and Soft Sculptures

I first came across needle-felting while surfing the internet one day.  I spotted a picture of adorable 3D felted dogs and thought, "I have to learn to do that!"  After I bought supplies and found a book at the library, I gave it a try.  My first felting was no masterpiece, but I enjoyed making it.  I've been felting ever since!

After making 3D sculptures as a hobby, I got the idea to make pet portraits my business when a friend asked for a custom portrait.  I discovered that I really enjoyed felting pets from a picture.  I made some more for samples and started taking orders.  Since then I've been entering fiber art contests, demonstrating felting in fairs, and displaying my work in art exhibits.  Keep an eye on my website for upcoming events.  

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How Does Needle~Felting Work?

If you take a look at wool underneath a microscope, you will notice little scales on each fiber.  This is what makes wool feel scratchy.  Alpaca fiber, which is softer to the touch, has smoother, smaller scales.  When a barbed felting needle is poked into the fiber, these microscopic scales interlock like puzzle pieces.  The more the needle is poked into the fiber, the tighter the wool becomes.  After a lot of tapping with the needle, the wool forms into a sculpture or a finished portrait.

Below is a time~lapse video of me needle~felting a portrait of one of my alpacas, Monique.  Enjoy!

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